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  Magic Man Charters is a full service fishing charter operating out of Petersburg, Alaska for over 20 years.  Located in Southeast Alaska on the Inside Passage, Petersburg offers some of the best sport fishing for Salmon and Halibut anywhere in Alaska!  We do our fishing in the protected bays, sounds and straits around Petersburg in calm inside waters that are a safe, comfortable experience for the serious fisherman, or the less practiced family group. 

   In all these years, we have lost very few days to bad weather or rough waters. We provide quality bait and tackle, rain-gear, and fish-cleaning service, as well as, coffee, soda, and snacks. Fish processing, freezing and boxing for shipment home is available through Coastal Cold Storage locally.

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Alaska offers some of the most spectacular saltwater sport fishing in the world! The inside passage is well-known for fantastic Alaska sportfishing that includes big Halibut, trolling for King Salmon, or casting for Silvers in the pristine Alaskan waters if Frederick's Sound. Petersburg, is nestled in Alaska’s Inland Passage among hundreds of islands, so ocean swells are nearly nonexistent. Seasickness is not a common problem! Come to Petersburg, Alaska because it's the place to be to experience the fishing trip of a lifetime.

Magic Man Charters of Petersburg, Alaska offers full day trips for Salmon or Halibut, with some combination trips possible in August and September. We frequently have groups of 3 to 6 people fishing from 3-5 days. For excellent travel services call Viking Travel in Petersburg at 800-327-2571 for prompt help. Links below will refer you to lodging and cafes.

You can obtain fishing licenses and King Salmon stamps at the local hotels or hardware stores in town. You can also purchase a fishing license on-line by using the link to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game Website.

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Contact us if you have any questions:  Tel (907) 772-9255

Fishing Seasons in Southeast Alaska, Sportfishing Seasons in Southeast Alaska, Sportfishing in Petersburg, Alaska

  MAP of Petersburg

King Salmon
Peak season for King Salmon is *May 25th to end of June

* The occasional King Salmon can be found at any time of the season, but the best time is in June. Our King Salmon run from 15 to 40 pounds with the average fish in the mid 20-lb. range. We do catch a few fish over 40-lbs. with our largest being 57 lbs. a few years ago.

Peak season for Halibut **July and August

** Halibut fishing is available from mid-June through the middle of September. Petersburg has some of the best Halibut fishing anywhere in Alaska and the sport-caught Halibut are well above the state average in size.

Silver or Coho Salmon
Available in August and September. Some of the best fishing is near the end of August and into early September. Combination trips are sometimes possible for both Halibut and Salmon at this time of the year.

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Magic Man Charter Boats

"Capt. Magic" is a 32-ft aluminum catamaran with an enclosed, heated cabin, inside seating for six, and stand-up head facilities with a full walk-around deck, which provides plenty of room for fishing. Learn more about Captain Stan Malcom.


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Our clients stay in the local hotels or at one of several B&Bs which are close to the waterfront and within easy walking distance of the harbor and restaurants. You won't need a rental car since the hotels provide shuttle service to-and-from the airport. Alaska Airlines has daily service into Petersburg from Seattle.


Come fishing in
Petersburg Alaska!


Info About Silver Salmon or Cohos- General description: Adults usually weigh 8 to 12 pounds and are 24 to 30 inches long, but individuals weighing 31 pounds have been landed. Adults in salt water or newly arrived in fresh water are bright silver with small black spots on the back and on the upper lobe of the caudal fin. They can be distinguished from Chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) by the lack of black spots on the lower lobe of the tail and gray gums; Chinook have small black spots on both caudal lobes and they have black gums. Spawning adults of both sexes have dark backs and heads with maroon to reddish sides. The males develop a prominent hooked snout with large teeth called a kype. Juvenile Coho salmon have 8 to 12 parr marks evenly distributed above and below the lateral line with the parr marks narrower than the interspaces. The adipose fin is uniformly pigmented. The anal fin has a long leading edge usually tipped with white, and all fins are frequently tinted with orange.

Info About King Salmon or Chinook- General description: Adults are distinguished by the black irregular spotting on the back and dorsal fins and on both lobes of the caudal or tail fin. Chinook salmon also have a black pigment along the gum line which gives them the name "blackmouth" in some areas. In the ocean, the Chinook salmon is a robust, deep-bodied fish with a bluish-green coloration on the back which fades to a silvery color on the sides and white on the belly. Colors of spawning Chinook salmon in fresh water range from red to copper to almost black, depending on location and degree of maturation. Males are more deeply colored than the females and also are distinguished by their "ridgeback" condition and by their hooked nose or upper jaw. Juveniles in fresh water are recognized by well-developed parr marks which are bisected by the lateral line.

Info About Halibut- General description: Halibut spawn at depths of 600 to 1,500 feet from November through March. Female halibut release anywhere from a few thousand to 4 million eggs, depending on the size of the fish. About 15 days later, the eggs hatch and the larvae drift with deep ocean currents. In the Gulf of Alaska, the eggs and larvae drift in a counter clockwise direction along the coast. As the larvae mature, they move higher in the water column and ride the surface currents to shallower, more nourishing coastal waters. Although age at maturity varies over time, about half of male halibut are sexually mature by 8 years of age, while half of the females are mature by age 11.

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