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Petersburg, Alaska

Reveiws for Magic Man Charters - Petersburg, Alaska

Magic Man (whose name is Stan) has a top notch outfit, with good equipment, a comfortable boat, and deep knowledge of the Petersburg fishing area. The day we had booked with him was bad weather, and he offered to let us cancel. Since it was our only chance, we opted to go ahead and fish. He took us North, and within an hour, we had limited on halibut. We headed west and watched whales breach and spout. Stan planted our boat right in the middle of about 15 active whales. It was great. Then we went further west, caught a 5 gallon bucket of rock-fish in less than an hour, and then 4 big rock cod. Finally, we moved once more and caught 5 big nice Silver Salmon. At the end of the day, we took home 4 halibut, 15 rock-fish, 4 cod and 5 silver salmon. Stan was working constantly, changing riggings, moving our location, so that we were having a good fishing day. His boat was in excellent condition, and was well outfitted. He had good, hot coffee, water and snacks for us. He asked about us, was interested in us, and was easy to be with. I highly recommend this outfitter.
Robin W., Nampa, ID

Stan gave us a fantastic day on the water. We tagged out early on Halibut and he brought us for Cod and Kings, making sure we had the best value for our day and the best time of our trip. He brought us to a great spot that hit over and over, the boat was clean, comfortable, stocked with beverages and small snacks. He was fantastic with my family of various ages and abilities, and went out of his way to tell us about the local area and the wildlife we were in seeing. This captain is truly a blessing to the area and we WILL be using him on future endeavors! Many thanks Captain Stan!
Mandy Orlowski

Magic Man Charters (owners name is Stan) is a top notch guide that knows his fishing and had his boat custom built to be comfortable for YOU the customer. We were fishing for Halibut on a nice fishing day. We caught 4 that we took home. We had to release some very large fish that Stan estimated were over 200lb. We also caught some cod that day. Stan goes out and gets snack food, smoked salmon, water, pop, etc for the guests comfort and he is interesting to chat with. The best part of our trip was the whales. Stan is the man when it comes time to positioning his boat so that whales seem to come right toward you. We actually had 4 whales swim under and in front of our boat so close you could have touched them and their dive rocked the fishing boat. We were on two other whale watching charters in Anchorage later on our trip and nothing came close to our experience with Magic Man Stan I will use Stan the next time we come to Petersburg.
Douglas Lambert

We had come to Alaska our second year to fish for a week. Our first year was great. Then we chartered Magic Man Stan the second year and it was even better. I have video of all of us on the boat hooked up on halibut. Stan turned a fishing trip into a catching trip. Great times that I’ll remember for my entire life. And the bar in town was cool too. They had a great pool table and band even.
Ben S.

Stan: Thanks again for showing us such a great fishing trip. Wish we could have stayed longer this summer, but we thoroughly enjoyed both trips. Hope your season finished out okay, and that you get a good start with the winter kings next month. In addition to the August dates that we wrote down on your tentative calendar, I would also like to book a few days in mid to late June if possible. If June 15-18 are available that would fit the travel schedule best. If these days are taken, let me know what else might work. Both trips would be for Christine and I and two guests.
David Jackman

A group of friends visiting other friends in Petersburg, we wanted a halibut charter as we only had a small boat. Magic Man was recommended by several locals so we booked it. From boat layout to tackle to drinks and snacks , Stan was totally prepared. After fishing we took in some whale watching which was an incredible experience. I have fished with many charter captains over the years, you would be hard pressed to find one with a better overall experience than Stan.
Steve, Shreveport, LA

Stan was professional, knowledgeable and patient. We had a productive and enjoyable day of fishing. It was a highlight of our trip.

Thanks for an excellent experience last Sunday and Monday. We did well with the fishing and the enjoyment factor was high. Bigger limits would really be appreciated next year! We will be making plans, and dates soon for the coming year and keep you posted.
Jeffrey McKay

Stan, I wanted to write to tell you thank you so much for helping make my first fishing trip to Alaska so wonderful. I wasn't too sure I would like the experience, but you did a great job explaining everything and making me feel at ease. You were very patient with us! I also really appreciated you going out of your way to let us see whales. That was one of my favorite things. Although catching the black cod and seeing how excited you were was pretty great, too! Anyway, I just wanted to make sure you knew how great you made my trip, as well as everyone else in our group. I'll be back because I need to catch a salmon! Thanks again.
Sara Doshier

Stan thanks again for a great time!
Bill Zerkel

Thanks for a real Alaskan experience.
Matt Hermen

Stan, thanks for a great week of fishing! I really enjoyed it (again)!
Lee Gallbraith

Stan, thanks for the effort! Sam Thanks for a great time! Both halibut and salmon were delicious!
John Anderson

Stan, thanks again for a great trip. Your experience, expertise, and equipment are top-notch! As discussed, when you look at filling in your schedule, please pencil us in for 2 or 3 days in late July or August. We'll look forward to hearing from you.
Jeff Mortensen

My wife, sister-in-law, father-in-law and me fished with you last July and had a great time. I was wondering if you have an opening for 2 or 3 days for king salmon and halibut in late June or July for 2 or 3 fishermen? If you have a recommendation for better timing, please let me know.
Brad Bortner

I enjoyed the spectacular trip out to see the icebergs so much that it is a memory I will always treasure. It was wonderful to hear so much firsthand information about the area and natural wonders. Thanks for being such a good tour guide in your beautiful waterways.
Barbara Castleman

Come to Peterburg for the fishing trip of a lifetime!